My Top 5 Black Female Characters on TV. Who would be in your Top 5?

5. Coach Roz Washington (Glee) played by Nene Leakes


Coach Roz is so funny, her relationship with Sue was priceless. I dont watch Glee anymore but I might be more inclined to if she was still in the show. I love Nene Leaks she’s so blunt and has some of the best lines on Glee and on the Real Housewives. 

4. Chardonnay Pitts (The Game) Played by Brandy Norwood


For me Brandy can do no wrong when it comes to the small screen. I loved her on the Moesha and I love her as Jason Pitts’s sassy bartender accidental wife Chardonnay. She’s that fierce strong and sassy chick who doesnt put up with any of Jason’s BS and I love their relationship. For those of you who dont watch the show prior to marrying Chardonnay (drunkenly in Mexico) Jason had a preference for white girls and Chardonnay is as black as they come. 

3. Mercedes Jones (Glee) played by Amber Riley


Mercedes is proberly the most underrated TV character on television and that right there is why I NO LONGER WATCH GLEE! She has an amazing voice and a cool personality, yet she’s always overshadowed by the other characters and their storylines. Dont even get me started on her relationship with Sam (the abrupt ending) and the last episode of season 3 where she, AN ORIGINAL GLEE MEMBER didnt even get a voiceover WTF! plus we’ve never even seen the inside of her house, or her parents (another shoutout to the last episode of season 3, where most of the characters we got to see their parents during the graduation part, but where the hell was mercedes parents huh? I mean how hard is it to cast a black mom and dad I mean seriously its not like they needed dialogue). 

2. Jessica Pearson (Suits) played by Gina Torres


one word ‘BADASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she owns her own lawfirm and she has everyone in check. she doesnt take bullshit and she just commands respect and authority. She’s portrayed beautifully by Gina Torres who I’ve loved as Jasmine in Angel. One thing that makes her stand out from the previous ladies on my list (Roz, Chardonnay, and Mercedes) is the fact that she doesnt fall into the coventional ‘black female character’ sassy, loud, and overall divaish. She’s more than a black woman incharge she’s a ‘WOMAN’ incharge.and could be played by a woman of any race thats why I love the fact that she’s played by a black actress. Plus her scene in the last episode of season 2 where she went head to head with Harvey was golden.

1. Olivia Pope (Scandal) played by Kerry Washington


This really shouldnt be a surprise to anyone that knows me or watches TV because Olivia Pope is the epitime of BADASS!!! everything I just said about Jessica Pearson can be said about Olivia but the thing that makes me love her even more is the fact that she’s flawed. I love how there’s two sides of Olivia, the ‘Fixer’  who runs her business and cleans up people’s messes and the vulnerable lover of president Grant. I dont even know where to begin I mean damn her and Fitz (the president) is just heat heat heat, all of their scenes together even when they’re not physically together its still so powerful. There’s noway Olivia pope wouldnt be on this list especially since she made history by being on tv. Not only that but like the character of Jessica, the fact that Olivia’s black isnt even relevent in the show and she doesnt fall into the stereotypes associated with black women, She’s not sassy, loud, overly sexual etc she’s incontrol of everything (minus her feelings for Fitz) and she portrays a strong character. her being black and female isnt even relevent to me she is just straight up badass and one of my fave characters OF ALL TIME.

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